Club Machine | Boston, MA

Our party has a strictly ENFORCED fetish dress code.  Creativity is highly encouraged.  The wilder you dress the better – wild colors, shiny vinyl, latex or leather, spikey, colorful makeup (on girls OR boys), wild hair, amazing boots. This is a fetish party – dress the part or you won’t get in!  Examples: dress the theme for the month or go with basic fetish, glam, latex, cyber/industrial, goth, uniform, vinyl, school girl, kinky lingerie, kinky drag, ultra-formal.  All black attire at the minimum.

Feel free to change at the club!

Absolutely No:

  • jeans
  • sneakers
  • street wear
  • sports wear

No Nudity:

We are not licensed for nudity.  Outfits must be street legal.  Opaque coverage of breasts, buttocks and genital regions is absolutely required.  Our security guards patrol the club to make sure there is no nudity and everyone is street legal.

Inspiration & Ideas:

Our photo gallery provides some great inspiration (coming soon).

Men seem to have more trouble coming up with appropriate outfits than women do.  Grab yourself a pair of vinyl pants, a fishnet shirt and some boots and you’re all set!

Girls remember thigh highs or knee stockings are always a winner with our local foot-worshippers.  You might even be offered a foot massage and after dancing all night in high heels, who wouldn’t want that?!